“It’s only a crime to be an addict if you are poor”

by: Loretta Nall

Or so says Dennis Knizley, attorney for Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine.

According to the Press-Register Knizley had this to say after being asked by a reporter if Nodine had a drug problem.

“Commissioner Nodine takes legally prescribed Lortab like many, many other people do,” Knizley said. “Some people, sometimes, may have issues with prescribed pain medications, some people like Rush Limbaugh, Brett Favre. It doesn’t mean it’s criminal.”

Riiiiight….it’s only criminal if you aren’t, elected, rich, powerful and connected…like Rush Limbaugh, Brett Favre, Richard Shelby’s son Claude, Judge John Rochester’s son Alex, Spencer Baccus’ son (I forget his name) and apparently Steve Nodine.

Raise your hand if you think it would be a criminal matter if you were addicted to Lortab and obtained 2400 of them in 4 states illegally over the last 9 months.

John Tyson, who prayed over Steve Nodine yesterday, said “it was “notable” that Nodine appeared in court today because the original plan was for Nodine to check into a rehabilitation center.”

Knizley said the commissioner does not plan on going into rehabilitation.

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