Government: Creator of “Rights”?

Before you start thinking I’ve “changed sides” continue reading. I,like many of you, believe that all people are born with inherent rights of life, liberty & pursuit of happiness. However, if you watch C-SPAN, occasionally watch the news, read a newspaper, etc. you’ve heard some people talk of a “right to health care.” Is there such a right? I tend to disagree. Health care is a service; postage (furniture, food, etc.) delivery is a service, too. No one has said, to my knowledge, that delivery is a “right.” I have heard a few people say, sarcastically, that “groceries are a right, the government should provide mandatory groceries for all.” However, I was recently notified of a new “right” by Representative Henry Brown. Apparently Americans now have a “right to not be confused.”
I learned of this “right” when Mr. Brown responded to an e-mail I sent requesting he support HR 4248 The Free Competition in Currency Act which would repeal the legal tender law; repeal the government monopoly over the creation of coins for use as currency and prohibit federal and state taxes on precious metal coins and bullion.
In part he wrote, “While I certainly agree that inflation is a critical problem and have grave concerns with the amount of unchecked power held by the Federal Reserve, I do not believe the answer to these problems is to allow individuals, entities or local governments to create their own currency, as prescribed by H.R. 4248. In my opinion, doing so would cause mass confusion in almost every aspect of our daily lives.”
I’ve never heard of a congressman not supporting the right thing because people might get confused. Does he suggest we abolish all laws that are confusing? The “Tax Code” is confusing, why not abolish it?
Are we born with this “right” or was it created by the government along with the “right to health care”?