The Census and History: It Is Not a Pretty Picture!

by Gary D. Barnett

I have been discussing the unconstitutional nature and danger of modern census taking for several years. By attempting to expose through my writing the very invasive practice of the “census,” and by educating others about the false reasoning for these government intrusions, my hope is that more and more people will contradict the accepted system by not complying with the census process. One can do this and still remain within constitutional bounds simply by refusing to give any information other than the number of people living in a particular home. This seems simple enough, but due to threats of fine or worse, and threats by the federal government to withhold tax redistributions from state, county and local communities, the populace at large continues to acquiesce to “State” pressure.

As I alluded to above, I have published several articles [see my LRC archives] concerning the census. I talked about the regular decennial census, the American Community Survey, the Economic Census and more, and I have received hundreds of responses due to these essays. Many of those whose letters I received wanted to know how much if any information they should give, and if they chose not to comply, would they risk penalties or worse. In addition to the many questions I have been asked, I have also received many, many personal stories about the abusive conduct, threats and outright aggression displayed by census takers. Some of these stories were disturbing to say the least.

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