Who Put the ‘L’ in CPAC?

by: Brian Wilson

Despite their avowed philosophical common denominators of Liberty, Limited Government, Lower Confiscatory Taxes, Firearms, Free Markets, Individual Responsibility and Constitutional Integrity, Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives and the new “Tea Party” kids remain passionately conflicted over what really really constitutes the basis for their not-so-peaceful co-existence (or “movement”) and mutual efforts to change the course of the Republic.

Subsequent to the “largest CPAC ever” (10,000 attending), rather than rejoice in the – dare I say – diversity of political brotherhood, Conservative spokesfolks, Talk radio’s Most-Listened-To Hosts, achieved lift-off, going postal on the audacity of (gasp!) Libertarians in their midst! Mt. Limbaugh erupted Monday afternoon, “They’re not just a bunch of Libertarians over there, ya know!” with dire pronouncements and stuttering fulminations about 3rd Parties and wack-o candidates (aka Ron Paul). He snorted contemptuously at the failure of speakers to follow his un-proffered but infinitely more loquacious oratory and surely more brilliant prose the Great He expectorated as Most Beloved Keynote Speaker a mere year ago. (Just to make sure everyone remembered how brilliant, he inflicted clips of his self-assessed Sterling and Positive Speech into adoring dittoheads. During the ensuing commercial break, I’m certain he gave himself a Standing O.)

Listening to Mark Levin after my own show, I was actually shocked to hear his venomous opinions of the event he did not attend (because the John Birch Society had purchased a booth!) “Shocked” because I have generally admired Levin’s “No Compromise” commentaries about the sanctity of the Constitution being trashed by blithering, dithering idiots, both in and out of government. Levin was most rapacious in his references to Libertarians, singling out “the constant and silly promotion of Ron Paul” for special denunciation. (He made other disparaging remarks about Paul but I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t recall the particulars; the 18-wheeler jack-knifing on the snowy Interstate before me had become a distraction.)

You have a choice of riding in 2 vehicles: The “D Racer” or the “R Mobile.” Both are speeding toward the brick wall of Tyranny. The only difference – the “D Racer” is going 150 mph; the “R Mobile” 125 mph. In which would you care to meet your certain demise? What? Oh – that OTHER one? The Libertarian “Freedom Machine”? But that one is heading in the opposite direction, toward Liberty.

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