Glenn Beck attacks Debra Medina

This an excerpt of Debra Medina (Republican Candidate for Texas Governor) on the Glenn Beck Radio Show here in Houston, Texas this morning (locally here in Houston on 740 KTRH). Glenn asks Debra if she is a “911 Truther”. He also asks her if there were any “911 Truthers” helping run her campaign and if so, would she get rid of them???? Why is Beck choosing to question her using this angle? Take a listen to the tactics he’s using. I thought Debra gave a very honest response and Beck just continued to press this issue on her… then said Perry is looking better and better. Unbelievable. Never listened to Beck from the get-go, never liked him much… now I full on can’t stand him. Texans (and everyone else of course) let me know your thoughts on this video!