How ’bout that spending freeze?

by Andrew Moylan – February 01, 2010
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In typically brilliant fashion, our friend Matthias (better known as the “10,000 pennies guy”) lets you visualize just exactly what President Obama’s spending freeze would do to the budget in context…

While we should all be applauding President Obama for this first step towards reining in a federal budget that is wildly out of control, the overall context is nonetheless very important.

I’m glad that he showed what canceling the stimulus would do, but it would have been great to show the effect of canceling TARP to the video as well. The savings for eliminating the Wall Street bailout fund would be roughly similar to that of ending the stimulus (upwards of $300 billion), so you could essentially add another four “frozen spending” cups to the pile, AKA money that taxpayers would NOT have taken out of their paychecks in the future.