Facebook Status and Rants!

“two wings of the same bird of prey.” ~ Pat Buchanan ~ Republicans are equally to blame for the systematic destruction of our Constitutional Republic as the democrats. But we if continue to blame those in Washington we will never be free. The ultimate people responsible are “We the people” for not only for eagerness to comply but our inaction when it was clear that action was needed!

“If liberty is a gift from God than any person who would try to limit that gift is going against God’s divine design for humanity! Therefore persons who commit such offenses against humanity needs to be rejected for placing themselves in the place that rightfully belongs to God himself!” ~ Jennifer L. ~

“We as a people have allowed our morals to be exploited for the sake of votes and power. Meanwhile we have become a completely demoralized nation. Who see nothing wrong with binding furture generations with debt and a philosophy of preemptive war.” ~ Jennifer L. ~

“It is hard to lead people who already think they have drank there fill of water to actual water when they are in love with the mirage.” ~ Jennifer J. L. ~

“Party loyalty is what makes it possible for all tyrants to reign; dissent to tyranny is patriotism in its highest form and to say nothing at all is at best cowardice at worst it is nothing short of treasonous.” ~ Jennifer L. ~

“Liberty oh sweet liberty to know your taste and feel your embrace. To smell your sweet perfume, to hear your proclamations and to see your torch burning so brightly to guide all of mankind to your bosom where we will all be free.” ~ Jennifer L. ~

“The tyrants had a plan to take this country. All they had to do was kill lady liberty and it would all be theirs. They slowly dug the grave as not to sound the alarm, as they readied the coffin for her seemingly dead, lifeless body. They saw their chance in plain sight. As the towers fell they began their murderous assault. Lady liberty was down for the count as they quickly tried to hide her remains before anyone would noticed she was missing. They shoved her body in the coffin, but she let out one final scream waking the remnants of freedom, just as her torch was about to go out. They came from far and wide with truth as their guide, and justice their aim, to save lady liberty from the grave.” ~ Jennifer L. ~

~ Jennifer L. ~