Some Thoughts on Liberty!

Are we free here in America like we are all taught to believe that we are? What is true freedom or liberty? Can we truly be free in this day and age? Do we have the morals and principles to have freedom without destroying ourselves with our own selfishness? Are we after liberty or after what would be more aptly describe libertine? Some basic questions that need to be thought about and carefully considered before we can go any farther in this battle that has been raging since the beginning of time. The battle has been between liberty and tyranny in fact the ultimate battle almost as old as the battle between good and evil.

Are free here in America? The short answer to that is, no but it goes far beyond that. We have been lulled into the belief that freedom equals choice. Choice does not equal freedom it never could. What good is choice if it all goes to the same beast or tyrant? The shallow form of freedom that we have in this country is based strictly on false sense that you can go McDonald’s or Burger King. Are you kidding me that is freedom I don’t think so. Sadly that is what freedom has been lowered too it is all just a matter of choice that is the saddest proposition of all because freedom is not choice but an idea that lives in the heart of every man, woman and child.

Can we truly be free in this day and age? The hopeful answer is yes. But is it possible that we are too far down this road to hell. Has government in all there secret arrangements and entangling alliances made this universally impossible unless there is a massive global awakening. I truly believe that unless we not only throw off the travesty of privatize central banking but we need to remove ourselves from any international organization and that includes interventionism or imperialism. Have we through the forceful hand of government been made to dependent on everyone through our economic interdependency? We need to at least on the state levels free ourselves from tentacles of the corrupt federal government.

Do we have the morals and principles to handle true freedom? I have to say I hope so but if you look at our current pop culture I would say no. Hopefully what we see happening in pop culture is not accurate representation of what is really going on society as a whole. But unfortunately the children that are being raised in our cookie cutter society of conformity are all too quick to fall in line and imitate what they see in pop culture. That is disturbing trend that is very disheartening to me being involved in the liberty or freedom movement. Do we in this day and age have any free thinkers out there or have gone too far down the road of conformity where the idea of the individual being sovereign is too far removed from out cortex of modern thinking. Has the states idea of freedom replaced true freedom? That is the idea that you are free to do what you’re told and you are free to ask permission. But that is about as free as the sheep that walks to its own slaughter.

Are after liberty or are we after what would be more aptly called libertine? Liberty in and of itself is a gift from God. It can not be derived from any other source. Liberty is freedom to from bounds of sin which is where most tyrants find the justification for there oppressing society. The tyrant will rule with iron fist to curb our own self destruction for the betterment of society as a whole. We must remember that in a society that is ruled by individual liberty and personal responsibility that responsibility is always going to mean taking a heavier burden on yourself than any tyrant could put on you. We must know that liberty does not mean we can do whatever we want. We need to acknowledge the other laws that go along with that. Which are we don’t violate life, liberty and property. It is funny how the words of Jesus come to mind when He said that we could fulfill the whole of the law with “Love the lord your God with all heart, mind, body and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.” Which is the bases for true liberty not the “Do what thou wilt shall be whole of law” spoken of by Aleister Crowley. That is the bases for all thinking that is based in libertinism which only leads to chaos. Chaos only makes there be the need for tyrant to come in. We want to avoid that way of thinking because only leads to more of what we are currently fighting against.

~ Jennifer Lokken ~