Fake Gold and Fake Money

The “Federal Reserve Note”, more commonly called the US dollar, has been “fake money” since 1971, arguably since 1933. However, it was recently reported that China discovered something shocking about the gold being sent to them by the US Treasury Department. Much like the “dollar”, it was fake.
What does this mean for the average person? In my view, absolutely nothing. Most don’t realize, either from apathy or ignorance, that the US Dollar isn’t backed by the “gold” stored at Fort Knox or anywhere else for that matter. However, for the Patriot; the freedom fighter and r3VOLutionary, this should be another signal that our fight for truth continues. Someone has been getting rich at the expense of the nation.

“The standard gold bar for bank-to-bank trade, known as a “London good delivery bar” weighs 400 troy ounces (over thirty-three pounds), yet is no bigger than a paperback novel.”*
How do you fake gold?
This is the $64,000 question. Actually it’s the $350,000 question, as that is the approximate amount of difference between the cost of a fake bar of gold and a real bar.

“Tungsten is vastly cheaper than gold (maybe $30 dollars a pound compared to $12,000 a pound for gold right now). And remarkably, it has exactly the same density as gold, to three decimal places. The main differences are that it’s the wrong color, and that it’s much, much harder than gold. (Very pure gold is quite soft, you can dent it with a fingernail.)

A top-of-the-line fake gold bar should match the color, surface hardness, density, chemical, and nuclear properties of gold perfectly. To do this, you could could start with a tungsten slug about 1/8-inch smaller in each dimension than the gold bar you want, then cast a 1/16-inch layer of real pure gold all around it. This bar would feel right in the hand, it would have a dead ring when knocked as gold should, it would test right chemically, it would weigh *exactly* the right amount, and though I don’t know this for sure, I think it would also pass an x-ray fluorescence scan, the 1/16″ layer of pure gold being enough to stop the x-rays from reaching any tungsten. You’d pretty much have to drill it to find out it’s fake.

Such a top-quality fake London good delivery bar would cost about $50,000 to produce because it’s got a lot of real gold in it, but you’d still make a nice profit considering that a real one is worth closer to $400,000.”*

These fake gold bars had been in the vaults at Fort Knox for years, meaning it is likely impossible to know for sure who orchestrated such a crime. However, it isn’t too late to audit the Federal Reserve, the privately-owned Central Bank that has greatly inflated the fiat dollar.
It isn’t too late to urge your Congressmen to support Honest Money.
It isn’t too late to begin using “barter currency”, such as the Liberty Dollar.
It isn’t too late to End The Fed!