Libertarian Press Club Holds First Press Conference

On November 17, 2009, 2012 Presidential candidate and libertarian activist, Thomas L. Knapp hosted the first Press Conference for the Libertarian Press Club which welcomed Julie Fox, Libertarian Party candidate for Illinois Comptroller. I apologize to you (the reader), Mr. Knapp and Ms. Fox that I was unable to attend. However, I wish to thank Mr. Knapp for posting the audio from this event.
Ms. Fox is campaigning for Comptroller on the “radical” plan of eliminating the position she’s seeking! Her campaign material states that she plans to cut spending by first, “Consolidate the offices of Comptroller and Treasurer. 40 other states have already done this. This would reduce the budget by at least $60 million.”
Ms. Fox also wishes to bring about more government transparency and if elected hopes to act as a “citizen watchdog” to protect the people from a corrupt government.

You can listen to the Press Conference at