Sit Down, Shut Up & Stop Complaining

The economy isn’t bad, you just think it is. The dollar isn’t being inflated, you just think it is. Sure, you may go to jail if you don’t purchase a health care insurance plan that you really don’t want; if a plan before Congress passes. But, thinks aren’t bad – you just complain too much! Or at least according to Representative Emanuel Cleaver (MO) who has introduced House Concurrent Resolution 155 to designate the day before Thanksgiving as “Complaint Free Wednesday.”
The Congressman sent an email to his colleagues requesting hey co-sponsor his resolution. In the email he writes, “From time to time, we all experience anxiety, frustration, stress, and regret. And often, we respond to these feelings with a criticism or a complaint. Regrettably, complaining keeps people stuck on current problems, inhibiting them from thinking constructively to find solutions. Research has also shown that complaining can be harmful to one’s emotional and physical health; relationships; and can limit professional career success.”

The concurrent resolution reads:
“Supporting the goals and ideals of `Complaint Free Wednesday’.
Whereas the average person complains approximately 15 to 30 times per day, resulting in roughly 4,500,000,000 complaints spoken every day in the United States;
Whereas complaining keeps people focused on current problems stultifying their innate abilities to seek and create positive, harmonious solutions;
Whereas complaining has been shown by research psychologists to be detrimental to a person’s physical and emotional health, relationships, and to limit their career success;
Whereas the `A Complaint Free World’ organization is to be recognized for its efforts to encourage people to redirect their minds toward more positive, constructive, and rewarding lives and for its goal to positively inspire at least 1 percent of the global population (60 million people) to become complaint free;
Whereas thousands of people across the United States, including many students, have already adopted the complaint free attitude; and
Whereas `Complaint Free Wednesday’ will be observed on the day before Thanksgiving, providing each person in the United States a day free from complaining in order to prepare for a day of gratitude: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That Congress–
(1) supports the goals and ideals of Complaint Free Wednesday;
(2) encourages each person in the United States to remember that having a positive life begins with having a positive attitude; and
(3) recognizes and reaffirms the meaning of Thanksgiving by asking each person in the United States to use `Complaint Free Wednesday’ to refrain from complaining and prepare for a day of gratitude.”

I can only assume the Congressman doesn’t have any REAL solutions to the very REAL problems that were created by Congress. So, instead of proposing a bill that would stop the government from creating more problems. He doesn’t want to stop; banker bailouts, further involvement in health care, car company bailouts, more “stimulus”, inflating the currency, unconstitutional wars, infringement on the rights and liberty of the American people. No, there are NO PROBLEMS – we just complain, too much.