Phantom Districts + Phony Statistics = “Recovery”

It was recently discovered that the website http://Recovery,gov posted false statistics crediting phantom districts with having “saved or created” jobs. After this information was made public, the website was quickly altered to remove the false data. Luckily, someone was smart enough to save the false information, then post it online (embedded below).
Whomever is responsible for posting the information claims the “recovery” saved or created jobs in a total 440 non-existent districts, such as district 00 in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, South Carolina and most other States.

If “jobs” are being “saved or created” in non-existent Congressional Districts, where exactly is the money going? Maybe, just maybe, the money is going to the same foreign bankers that were given TARP money (and anonymity) by the Federal Reserve.

Recovery’s Phantom Districts