Health Care and Cap & Trade both require the Read the Bills Act

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The healthcare bill and the cap and trade bill both threaten to completely remake two of the largest sectors of our economy. The President and Congressional leaders tell us these massive makeovers are so urgent that these bills must be passed soon — so soon that they can’t allow time to read them, even for 72 hours. But notice . . .

  • They’re taking months to work out the gruesome details
  • Most health care reforms won’t begin until 2013
  • The effects of the cap&trade bill won’t be seen for decades
  • After spending months on both of these bills, secret provisions will still be added at the last minute

In short, Congress is taking a long time to reach the point where they’ll rush these bills to a final vote, but then it will take years or decades for these bills to really take effect.

This is a contradiction.’s Read the Bills Act would resolve the contradiction by compelling Congress to be deliberate.

Please send Congress a letter telling them they need to pass’s Read the Bills Act.

You can use my letter as a model for your own, or simply past it into your personal comments . . .

Congress is taking months to craft legislation on health care and cap and trade. These bills will then have delayed implementations, or delayed effects. But despite these facts I know that you’ll rush them to a vote at the last minute, without taking the time to read them, understand them, or debate them. This is a contradiction.

I also know that many secret and probably unrelated provisions will be added to them at the last minute. This has happened so often in the past that I know you’ll do it again with the health care and cap & trade bills. This is irresponsible.

Neither I nor you will really know what you’ve passed for days or weeks after the final vote. This is intolerable.

It’s obvious to me that Congress cannot be trusted to behave responsibly, or even to follow it’s own rules. That’s why we need a law to make you behave. Please introduce and pass’s “Read the Bills Act.”


You can send your letter to Congress here.

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Today we welcome 3 new members to the Coalition:

Finally, over the past three weeks the House passed 33 bills totaling 1,779 pages, and the Senate passed 18 bills totaling 1,728 pages. You can see the list of bills in the blog version of this Dispatch:

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