Americans Around the World are on Their Own: The Scott Loper Story

I became aware of Scott Loper when I watched the latest Reality Report. Gary Franchi played a small clip of the “Scott Loper Story” and said, “Scott needs our help.” I quickly went to and read his story.
Scott, who was living in Canada, had proof that Police Officers were involved in dealing drugs out of a townhouse next door to where he lived. He took this evidence to the Toronto Star who had prepared a story and later backed down.
Scott was then arrested “on extorted charges, denied his right to consular services, and tortured in a Canadian Jail by a gang of crooked police.” The Canadian government refused to allow Mr. Loper to contact the US Consul in violation of Article 36 of the Vienna Convention.

Mr. Loper was detained in a small cell, “a cage” he calls it, and forced to shower using only a pipe coming from the radiator in his cell; the extreme heat caused his skin to blister. He was told “your life will be a hell of a lot easier if you stop with these wild stories of police dealing drugs.” He refused. He held his ground and stayed strong, “knowing” that once he got back to the United States, the US government would “take care of it”.
After a total of four years in prison on trumped-up charges, he was “left near a U.S. Border Patrol office, handcuffed and shackled, with no identification, the whereabouts of his wife and child unknown.
Inching his way into the patrol station under the restraint of his shackles, Loper then spent hours trying to prove his identity and citizenship.”
Mr. Loper was eventually allowed back into the USA, but is now trying to ge, at the very least, an apology and admission of wrongdoing.

“C. Scott Shields, a civil rights attorney defending one of those victims, former Sheriff’s officer Scott Loper, said Wolf made the statement during a conversation in which Shields was pressing Wolf as to why Loper’s case was stagnating. According to Shields, Wolf replied in anger; “Don’t tell me I don’t want to protect my constituents! The Government – the State Department will not pursue Vienna Convention violations against any country on behalf of Scott Loper or any American!”
Shields said he responded by saying “Then, basically, Americans around the world are on their own?”
“That’s right”, was Wolf’s reply.”*

“There is a larger issue here that affects the safety and well-being of every U.S. citizen who ventures into another country. As congressman Wolf stated, other State Department priorities apparently circumvent the protections of U.S. citizens.

The only resolution here is to force our government to do what it is supposed to do. In the case of Scott Loper, the U.S. needs to demand of the Canadian government the admission of illegal imprisonment and torture as well as compensation and help in locating his lost family.

As referred to above, the method of dealing with such issues in Canada is to cover them up. Where Canadian citizens are involved, it is up to those citizens to demand integrity from their government. When it involves a citizen of the United States, it is the duty of the U.S. Government to demand that Canadian authorities respect international agreements and are held accountable for their actions against a U.S. citizen.”*

*All quotes are taken from