9/11/01 – 8 Years Later

Like most people, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing on September 11, 2001. I was at work on a dairy in Pennsylvania, not more than 20 miles from Shanksville, when one of my co-workers got a phone call from his wife saying, “a plane hit the Twin Towers.” I thought, “this must have been some kind of accident.” But, alas, work was to be done. I tried tuning the small radio we had to a news/talk station to get as much information as possible, but everything was full of static. The only information I could get was when one of the two guys I was working with would get a call from their wife or girlfriend. I don’t remember how long it was after hearing about the plane hitting the first tower that I was told about the second tower being hit and then the Pentagon, then a plane had gone down near Somerset – literally right down he road from where I was. Thousands of questions began rushing through my head, “who did this?” “Were these events related?” “What else will happen?” “Were these military planes?” and on and on. My first thought was of the movie “Red Dawn”; I thought the country had been invaded by some Middle Eastern country. I envisioned foreign paratroopers descending into our cities and starting a war against ordinary people.
We, me and the two guys I was working with, did our best to finish working the rest of the day. After all, the cows didn’t care what had happened. It was one of those days where everything seems to go in slow motion, but time passes faster than you think. Eventually, my day was over, and I was able to go home to my pregnant (now ex)wife. We sat on the couch watching the news, since I was only getting bits and pieces of information throughout the day, I wanted to know exactly what happened. I remember seeing the replays of the towers falling, and thinking something didn’t seem right about the way they fell, but nonetheless I accepted it. At some point during the night, I remember her telling me that flight 93 had flown directly over our house. “That plane could have crashed here?! I could have lost everything.” It really began to set in, that this had really happened!
We, the public, had been told that 19 hijackers had taken over 4 planes, 3 of which hit their intended target, with passengers aboard one of the planes (supposedly being told about events that had happened while they were in-flight) decided to “fight back” causing the plane to crash in a field in Pennsylvania.
Over he next months and even few years, I reluctantly accepted the story, mainly because those who offered a differing view did so in unintelligent ways, “fire can’t melt steel”, “George Bush did it,” etc. While, I have never been a Bush supporter, I doubt his intelligence to pull off such a conspiracy, especially since the FBI admitted to having knowledge of a “planned attack” as far back as 1997 or ’98.
It was during the Ron Paul Presidential campaign that I first heard about WTC-7. “How did I not hear about this before?” I asked myself. I can only assume that by the time I saw the news, they had decided WC-7 wasn’t “news”. I began to do some research and about 6 months later saw “9/11 Mysteries” and “Loose Change” for the first time.
I now have more questions than anyone has real answers.
Why would Larry Silverstein admit to having WTC-7 “pulled”, then deny saying it?
How did a hijackers passport miraculously appear near the WTC? Who found it and what time?
Why did NORAD fail to intercept any of the 4 hijacked planes on Sept 11?
Why were there random power outages at the WTC on the weekend before Sept. 11?
Why does the 9/11 Commission not mention WTC-7?
What about the explosions that took place before any plane had hit either tower?
Was this because of the “war games” planned for that day?
How did WTC 1, 2 & 7 collapse into their own footprint?
If Osama Bin Laden was involved with the Sept. 11 attacks, why has the FBI not charged him a crime?

Of course, there are more questions, many of which will never be answered.