The Problem of Illegal Immigration

The Problem of Illegal Immigration
By Trinitytexas

A week ago, I and my co-reporter attended a Gene Green townhall meeting here in Houston, Texas. Honestly, we attended to shoot footage of the events inside the townhall and observe the reactions of the crowd and Genes comments. Instead, what we ended up with was a whole different story that we filmed outside.

As I was doing an interview with a gentleman outside, a young teenage boy began to confront someone in the group Border Watch. My co-reporter immediately rushed over to film this, and the event escalated from that point.

The boy was calling us the n word, cursing at us and then began to become physically violent with another member of Border Watch who is disabled and a veteran. Luckily, we were running film the entire time this was occurring.

Houston Police were quick to jump in and arrest this boy. Given that many HPD officers have been slain by illegals, Im quite sure they were fairly fed up with this boys actions and his manner of speech towards us and towards them. The boy also called the officers the n word and cursed at them. His father was also present, and was spouting the same hatred as the boy towards us. It was unbelievable to experience.

After the boy was arrested, I went inside as press to film the townhall. As you will see in the video, a man asked a question concerning coverage of illegals under HR 3200. Gene answered back explaining that they would not be covered, and would have to buy their own health insurance. I personally dont see that as the entire truth, considering that if we as citizens do not accept HR 3200, 2 percent of our wages will be deducted out to pay for it.

At the end of the night, a mariachi band was playing and there were other members of the Hispanic community there who were obviously influenced by the LaRaza propaganda who were yelling things like were the majority now, yall are the minority and we should just give you the boot and kick you out!. I had never seen anything like it.

For those of you who do not see LaRaza as a racist organization that is deliberately attempting to brainwash the Hispanic population into believing that America (and especially the state of Texas) is their land, check out the following quote from John Perazzo called Hillarys Open Border Disgrace from written on April 24, 2007: Raul Yzaguirre, who for thirty years was a president and CEO of the group National Council of LaRaza, reportedly said that U.S. English is to Hispanics as the Ku Klux Klan is to blacks.

Mark Levin writes in his book Liberty and Tyranny that La Raza is also Funded in part, by the Ford Foundation and numerous other corporate and nonprofit contributions, LaRaza meaning the race in English- works timelessly against the assimilation of legal Hispanic aliens into American society and for the continuation of illegal Hispanic migration into this country. (p. 162).

Another interesting point Levin makes is on page 163 of his book where he states Hillary Clinton appointed Yzaguirre as co chair of her presidential campaign and assigned him to lead her outreach to Hispanics. McCain was honored by his group in 1999. President Obama appointed Cecilia Munoz, a senior vice president of LaRaza, as director of his Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.

These are just a few points for you to research and decide for yourself whether or not we should really give amnesty to illegals. Or, you can move to Houston or any other city in Texas and come experience the problem associated with illegal immigration for yourself. I live here and I see it every day. Its not about racism, its about what is written in the Constitution and Bill of Rights that guarantees CITIZENS rights. We are slowly but surely becoming second class citizens while illegals are receiving all the benefits that we, AS CITIZENS are paying for. We are tired of it down here in Texas and will continue to spread the message about it. Please feel free to check out my references or view my videos at:

The link to the Gene Green video can be found at this link:

Note: As you will see from the comments on the video, there are many Hispanic CITIZENS who are outraged about the behavior of the boy and his father and agree that the LaRaza propaganda makes their race look bad. They are tired of the racial hatred this group is spreading.