28 Principles of LIberty- Principle #9: “God has Revealed Certain Principles of Divine Law”

by: Charity Angel

“To Protect Man's Rights, God has Revealed Certain Principles of Divine Law”

Rights could not remain unalienable unless they were protected as enforceable rights under a code of divine law.
William Blackstone said, ” These are the eternal, immutable laws of good and evil, to which the Creator Himself in all His dispensations conforms.”  Among these principles are living honestly, not hurting others and giving everyone their due.
Blackstone also said that it was necessary for God to disclose these laws by direct revelation.  He stated that they could only be found in the Holy Scriptures.  That they are part of the original law of Nature.
This divine pattern of law for human happiness requires a recognition of God's supremacy over all things.  The name of God is to be held in reverence.  Every oath taken in His name honored, otherwise the name of God is taken in vain.  These principles will be commonly recognized as the ten commandments. 
Divine law endows mankind with unalienable duties as well as unalienable rights.  Thomas Jefferson said, “Man has no natural right in opposition to his social duties.”  There are two kinds of duties, public and private.  Public duties include public morality and are generally enforced under local or state ordinances by the police power of the state.  Private duties are between individuals and The Creator.  The only enforcement agency is self-discipline.  Our, Unalienable duties both public and private are an inherent part of natural law.  Each individual has the responsibility to respect the unalienable rights of others.
There are many public and private duties, to list just a few; Honor the Creator, Do not take life except in self-defense, do not steal or destroy the property of others, deal honestly with everyone, honor parents and elderly, parents and elders are to provide for and teach the children, Support law and order and keep the peace, Don't covet, Help the needy, sick, injured and disabled, perform your contracts with God and man and there are many more.
The Creator revealed a Divine Law of Criminal Justice.  It is called justice through reparation.  It was practiced by the ancient Israelites and the Anglo-Saxons.  A number of states have begun to adopt this system, which requires the judge to consult with the victim before passing sentence. 
What if a law is passed that is contrary to God's law?
Among the Anglo-Saxons and the ancient Israelites, the law of God was considered sacred and not subject to change by legislative bodies.  They did not make new laws, they continually restored the old ones.
John Locke said, “The law of nature stands as an eternal rule to all men, legislators as well as others.  The laws that they do make for men must be conformable to the law of nature, to the will of God.”
How can the people be protected from autocratic authority of their rulers?  Where does the source of Sovereign Authority lie?  Stay tuned for principle 10.
The 28 Principles of Liberty are adapted by Charity Angel from “The 5000 Year Leap” by W. Cleon Skousen.

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