Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President,
Actually, I shouldn’t include the term “dear” because I do not wish to greet you in such a manner, but I am rather following custom. But I digress.
I would like to inform you that I have been telling the truth, or as you consider it “dis-information”. With that being said, please feel free to add my name to your list of “opponents”, I should already have a file at the White House that dates back to President Clinton. It is worth noting, since you claim anyone who disagrees with you is part of a “Republican mob”, that I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of the Republican Party. I am a Lifetime member of the Libertarian Party as well as an At-Large Representative to the Boston Tea Party National Committee. Please make that notation on my file, I would hate for you to be looking for the wrong person. But, again, I digress.
You have made the claim that, “if you (meaning me or any other American) like your insurance provider, you can keep them.” That is not true, Mr. President. I, like many other American’s with Health Insurance, do not choose which company provides my insurance. I participate in a company provided health insurance package, meaning, my employer chooses the company that provides my health insurance. If my employer decides to go with the “public option”, because they have a bigger tax burden otherwise, I’m not making that decision. You, sir, are the one spreading “dis-information”, but I guess you live by the motto “tell a lie a million times and it becomes the truth.”
You claim that medical costs will decrease, however, fom the time government first involved itself in the business of health-care with Medicaid, medical costs have continued to increase. How do you come to the conclusion that further involving the government in health-care will decrease costs, when history shows the opposite affect?
You do not deny the fact that you would like to see a “single-payer” system, and even campaigned on that point. You do no deny that you want to tax hard-working people on the medical benefits provided by their employer, which would indirectly force companies to choose the “public option” for their employees, because that would create a “tax-break”. However, what you haven’t told anyone is where in the Constitution Congress is given the authority to provide health insurance coverage.
Luckily, the First Amendment to the Constitution provides me the guaranteed right, nay FREEDOM of both speech, and the Press. Meaning I can say or print anything, no matter how you try to intimidate me, or anyone else; and whether you like what is said, or not.
Mr. President, know that I will continue exposing the lies of the government. I will continue to stand up for my rights and my freedom. I will not be shut-up by you, or anyone else.
I ask that you hold a Press Conference and admit to the people that you are a fascist, and every President since Woodrow Wilson has been a fascist. Mr. President, please for once, tell the truth and stop hiding behind your version of the truth, which is nothing more than a lie.
Dr. Ron Paul once said, “in an empire of lies, truth becomes treason.” I will repeat the words of our Founding Fathers who said, “if this be treason, make the most of it” and “I regret that I have only one life to give for my country.”

Sincerely and in Freedom,
Darryl W. Perry
2090 Cross Gate Blvd #105

Surfside Beach, SC 29575