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A Milestone in America’s Indefinite Occupation of Afghanistan — 1 Comment

  1. You wrote: “How would you feel if the roles were reversed and Afghan troops were roaming the streets in your neighborhood?” Since 9/11, both of the two controlled political parties and about 70-75% of Americans have accepted the building of a US Police State. About 70% approve of the US Military assisting the Police with drones on US soil. As you know, things like Privacy and Civil Liberties are generally thought of by a large percentage of American as something silly to be discarded or given away willingly to participate in the latest internet fad i.e. Facebook.
    While it was a generation or two ago that the US Military actually deployed tanks against Vietnam War protestors, they don’t need to do so now, as Obama (the supposed Anti-War candidate) has pretty much killed off the largely Lefty anti-war movement who does not to want to be seen in the streets protesting a black man in a leadership position.