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New York’s Attorney General alleges there was false labeling on several herbal supplements found at major chain stores. The Attorney General issued cease and desist orders on the sales of these supplements in these chains.

Not surprisingly, this raised calls for the FDA to regulate the industry.

When don’t statists take advantage of a crisis? Everything is an excuse for more State regulation!

The Attorney General targeted an actual crime: Fraud. That was good.

But that order applied only to stores in New York. That didn’t stop the chains from removing the product from their shelves in all their stores, across the country.


Because the voluntary market is the greatest regulator of all! These large, supposedly untouchable corporate behemoths, all need to protect their reputation.

We have history to prove it…

* After the 1982 poisonings, Tylenol’s market share plunged from 37% to 7%.

* It climbed to 30% within a year after Tylenol introduced tamper-proof packaging.

* Competitors did the same — long before the FDA issued a tamper-proof requirement! (http://bit.ly/1DJ1roO)

And consumers can punish companies tarnished by this supplement fraud scandal, unless and until they become more honest and transparent.

On the other hand, FDA regulation will only increase the costs of many supplement producers, causing many to go out of business and making all supplements more expensive. Some supplements will even disappear from shelves.

And, as they say, “follow the money”…

Big Pharma will benefit by facing less non-drug competition. So…

Like so many statist initiatives, greater regulation of supplements will only succeed in harming the very people it proposed to help.


OPPOSE any attempt to regulate the supplements industry!


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