LewRockwell.com – October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Hello. You’re Guilty.
Jonathan Kay attends an anti-racism workshop.
Should You Move to Singapore With Jim Rogers?
Listen as he answers questions about gold, silver, commodities, expatriation, currencies, and the economic future. Podcast with Lew Rockwell.
Show Me the Note, MF’er
Middle-class anarchists confront Wells Fargo. Article by Gonzalo Lira. NB: Bad language.
The Government Is Impoverishing You
Gary North on what to worry about first.
The Terrorists Who Surround You
Scott Lazarowitz on our rulers.
The Sorry State of Neocon Argumentation
Is this attacking David Horowitzian an idiot, a liar, or both? Article by Mark Crovelli.
Jury Conscription
Andrew Ward is summoned by the state.
How Dare You Disagree With Famous Historians?
What the tolerant liberals at Barnard College did to Thad Russell.
Will People Line Up Like Cattle for the Federal Peeping Toms?
Mike Adams gets his answer as he opts out of the TSA irradiating porno-scanning.
Is the EPA Trying to Murder Us?
It’s led by a bounce-off-the-walls, socialist enviro-wacko, says Alan Caruba.
The Family Bugout
If you have to go, here are the rules for doing it with kids. Article by M.D. Creekmore.
The Do-It-Yourself Gym
For cheap strength. Article by Tom Pehrson.