Utah Senate Passes Resolution Asking Congress to Eliminate Popular Vote Elections for U.S. Senate


By Richard Winger On February 24, the Utah Senate passed SJR 2, which asks Congress to pass a proposed constitutional amendment to repeal the 17th Amendment. The 17th Amendment, which went into effect in 1913, provides that voters choose U.S. Senators. Utah SJR 2 asks that the state legislature regain the power to choose U.S. Senators.
The vote was 20-6, with three Senators not voting. All Democrats voted “No.” All Republicans voted “Yes”, except that Republican Senator Brian Shiozawa voted “No”. The three Senators who didn’t vote are Republicans: Curtis Bramble, Lyle Hillyard, and Stephen Urquhart.
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Source:: http://ballot-access.org/2016/02/25/utah-senate-passes-resolution-asking-congress-to-eliminate-popular-vote-elections-for-u-s-senate/