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Three Outcomes of Florida vs. DHHS — 2 Comments

  1. I think we need to simplify this down to two.

    1) They uphold it: Constitution becomes completely irrelevant (as if it's been relevant since 9/11).

    2) They strike the entire thing down saving our republic in the nick of time.

    To strike down any portion is just as unconstitutional as the “line-item veto.”

  2. In all seriousness, you seem to be more knowledgable that the World-Famous Supreme Team.
    Last month, “Justice” (and I use the term here lightly) Scalia told the Obama clowns;
    “You Expect Us to Read 2,700 Pages?” referring to the number of pages in ObamaCare. Scalia bragged they will rule on something that they haven't read.
    “Scalia Burns Obama Lawyer: You Expect Us to Read 2,700 Pages?”


    ALL of These fools on the SCOTUS bench Scalia, Roberts, Ginsburg, Kagan, Sotomayer, they're all
    bought and paid for. They apply the Hegelian Dialectic to the SCOTUS as well; I predict a 5-4
    decision upholding. It should also be noted that Democrat mouthpiece on CNN; “Jeffrey Toobin” recently predicted 8-1 upholding, but then changed his mind.
    Obama owns the SCOTUS as far as I can tell.