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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Supreme Court Style — 1 Comment

  1. When will those in government listen and stop trying to control people like me?
    The answer is they're clearly not going to. What's not talked about by either political
    party or the alphabeth news channels is that the SCOTUS upholds the establishment
    of the “Ready Reserves Corps” as described in Obamacare. This is basically the establishment
    of Obama's “Private Army”. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC has also recently bragged that the NYPD
    is his Private Army, so now the Democrats have one that will force the Kiddies to
    preform Homeland Security Duties in exchange for college loans. Knock, Knock. “Mr.
    Jones, did you send back your Census form? Because we don't have any record of
    receiving one. If not, that's OK, we'll ask you these questions now.”
    Also, please Keep in mind that the stinkies in Black Robes on the SCOTUS are “paid placement”
    puppets of sorts. In fact, they even bragged they weren't going to read the Obamacare
    text before deciding how to rule on it.
    “Scalia Burns Obama Lawyer: You Expect Us to Read 2,700 Pages?”