PR: Uruguayan President Meets With the Founder of SCRY

PR: Uruguayan President Meets With the Founder of SCRYUruguay, nicknamed South America’s Switzerland, has always taken a positive attitude towards the development of science and technology and information economy as well as science and technology services, thus becoming the first Latin American country to step into 5G information this year. Miss Foo, founder and CEO of SCRY, has good business connections in the supply chain of agricultural and mining industries in Uruguay. In his meeting with the former Uruguayan president, Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera and many business leaders and partners, Eva Foo has conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions about the latest application progress of blockchain technology in payment system, financial settlement and intelligent contract data automation.

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Debate on debates continues

The first presidential candidate debates are right around the corner, and the large number of GOP candidates has inadvertently helped supporters of minor party and independent candidates in the debate on debates. Because there are currently 17 candidates seeking the Republican Presidential nomination, Fox News will hold two debates on August 6. One debate will […]

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