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Reclaiming the Freedom Movement — 2 Comments

  1. Way too much angry name-calling and not enough rational reasoning here. Distressing.
    one example: Third parties are counter-productive and a waste of time. Proven in history. Those who suggest working w/ the GOP are giving you good advice. The GOP in Texas is grassroots controlled nothing more and nothing less.

    You know, instead of criticizing folks who agree with you on most but not all issues, recognize the common ground and recognize the common enemy of socialist big-Govt power grabs and work to defeat that.

  2. Anonymous, you've accused me of “angry name-calling” – please give an example.

    You also claim that history has “proven” “Third parties are counter-productive and a waste of time.” That is an opinion, no a proven fact. “Third parties” have played a vital role in American history.