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REAL Health Care Reform — 4 Comments

  1. Not so fast, buckwheat! I don't think we can rest on our laurels just yet… they may try to bring it in though a back door… we need to still be on guard…

  2. They may still insert a single-payer or public option into the bill at the last minute knowing that no one will notice any changes. We are not safe until these bills are completely dead – even then, it leaves us without REAL reform.

  3. Exactly. instead of being for 'the people' it becomes about 'the party'. Health care, whether left or right, goes against a 'free market' system.

    Just the fact that the govt is interfering fuzzies the picture – people perceive this product that an individual is providing (ie their medical expertise) as a 'service' ..think of that word. it originates from 'to serve'.

    I think where we lose sight of the value in what is being provided is when we start to categorize it as a 'service'.

    Would you expect your car manufacturers to start providing governmentally regulated prices for vehicles based on the grounds that transportation is an essential 'service'?