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Questioning the Validity of the National Debt* — 3 Comments

  1. Today, we are programmed to think that anyone who questions the 14th Amendment
    is a “White Supremacist”. Those who want it repealed are thought to want to bring
    back slavery of black people. That's it plain and simple- or is it? You can actually
    trace back our current behemoth of a Federal bureacracy and Stalin-esque US Police state
    created by the PATRIOT ACT back to the 14th Amendment. It was at that time that
    there was consolidation of an obscene, authoritarian power at the Federal level.
    Today, what the Federal government really, really fears is anyone who would have the gall to say that a violent rebellion would be far more effective than a peaceful rebellion.
    This is alluded to reams of “Counter-Terror” legislation and think-tank drivel that's been
    produced at an alarming rate for over the last ten years. The documentation is full
    of refernces to “Muslim extremism”, but it's really being applied to any speech used
    outside the two mainstream political parties. Notice how the issue of endless foreign wars isn't even
    an issue on the campaign trail for 2012? How quaint. It was done by design. However,
    these endless foreign wars are widely talked about in original Tea Party and Original Occupy

  2. Any debt that cannot be paid off (a contract that cannot be culminated) is an act of fraud and is void from its inception. The Fed creates money in the amount of the principal of Treasury securities that are received from the U.S. Treasury (collateral) as authorized by Congress. The promise is to pay back the principal PLUS interest. The interest has not been created and it does not exist. The debt cannot be paid; the National debt is perpetual and must endlessly increase.

    The Supreme court has distinguished government contractors from federal agencies: “A critical element in distinguishing an agency from a contractor is the power of the Federal Government to control the detailed physical performance of the contractor.” United States v Orleans, 425 US 807, 814 (1976). The BOG appears to be totally void of detailed government control and the status as an agency may be vulnerable to attack.

    The BOG makes responses to FOIA inquiries, such as they are. They had claimed the (12) FR banks were not subject to FOIA requests but that changed in the 2nd circuit. Ref. Fox News Network v BOG of FR, 601 F3d 158 (2nd Cir, 2010). Other circuits may have to fight for bank record access.

    The Treasury security (collateral) received from the government is never redeemed; it is sold at the auctions along with securities to redeem maturing securities in the public area. All accounting of auction funds is handled by the FRBNY. If the money from the auction went to the government, there would be no inflation nor would there be any increase in the national debt. The money from the collateral cannot go to the government. The big question is where does the FRBNY send a trillion dollars annually from the Treasury auctions that appears to legally belong to the government. Ref. http://www.scribd.com/doc/49040689, RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

  3. Finally after 100 years of counterfeit money the voice of reason!

    How in God's name could a debt to an organizations that is illegal in the first place, and that counterfeits the money that is loaned ever be considered valid?