The Doublespeak Dictionary (paperback)

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The Doublespeak Dictionary: Your Guide to the Euphemisms, Dysphemisms, and Other Linguistic Contrivances of the State
by: Leslie Starr O’Hara
regulation n. An official rule written by a monkey with a Master’s Degree, and therefore carrying the force of law.” preemptive strike n. A blow or punch delivered by military aircraft to a target who is suspected of being adverse to one’s plot for world domination.”
terrorism n. Violence for political purposes or the politically motivated threat of violence which, either intentionally or unintentionally, challenges the state’s monopoly on political violence.

The Doublespeak Dictionary satirizes the marked difference between the ideal of “We the People” and the reality of “We the Elite”, while offering an insightful glimpse into the clockworks of the totalitarian mind. Ever irreverent but never irrelevant, Leslie Starr O’Hara’s first book serves as a subversive and humorous but timely reminder that the Emperor has no clothes.

The Doublespeak Dictionary won the 1st Annual LAVA Awards Lysander Spooner (Book of the Year) Award


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