Songs Of Freedom: Tales From The Revolution (paperback)

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Songs Of Freedom: Tales From The Revolution
by: Darryl W. Perry, Adam Kokesh, Bonita Honhorst, Brandon Trent, Danielle Kays, Gary Chartier, Gary Franchi, Jessica Pascholski, Kimberly Johnson, et. al.
Songs of Freedom: Tales From The Revolution was named a one of four finalist in the Current Events: Political/Social category of THE “BEST BOOKS 2010” AWARDS and had been selected Book of the Month for August 2009 by Freedom Book Club.

A compilation of essays, stories, poems and artwork from R(3VOL)utionaries.

“The revolution that we speak of is a revolution of values, a paradigm shift, and a renewed commitment among the American people to patriotism, not loyalism. Our patriotism is resisting state power and being ever-ready to defend this country… from the government. This is in direct opposition to the current propaganda driven definition that has perverted patriotism into loyalism, the worship of power and authority and willingness to cede the rights of self-ownership to an external power that is the source of all unjust powers in the world. As a political force, they should fear us.”~Adam Kokesh


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