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Probation terminated for Bernard von Nothaus — 1 Comment

  1. This case is such a travesty. Nothaus had a bunch of snitches in his employ and he never even suspected. Even after the trial; I asked him; “Why didn’t your lawyer get the name of the ‘informants’? Nothaus replied that he thought there was only one informant, a female whose name I don’t recall. The lesson here is if you are outside the mainstream, especially if you operate a business, you really have to be ‘suspicious’. Sometimes it takes years for the Feds to build a case, and it’s easy for them when the mark is unsuspecting. The domestic surveillance state is SO HUGE today they have DHS employees taking your order at a Dunkin Donuts in the middle of nowheresville. There are more “spies” in the US counter intel ops than there was during the Cold War, and very little is reported even in the alt media. Go to any Starbucks and/or public library for a period of two to three weeks. Get a glance at what they are doing in front of their computer, and you’ll realize that the State is bigger than ever before!