PRESS RELEASE: Announcing the publication of Dear Society


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Announcing the publication of Dear Society

Free Press Publications is pleased to announce the publication of its newest original work: Dear Society by The Cloudwalker.

Born into a devastated world and raised among the crowd, The Cloudwalker assumes a new identity and begins the unrelenting quest for truth. In this epic journey he discovers dark secrets about aspects of his previous life that he once trusted. He was like you, but truth has changed him for the better. Through the journal of The Cloudwalker, he shares both the traumatic hardships and the eternal beauties of his experiences. Fueled in the beginning by his unsettled thoughts and emotions, he learns how to find peace with everything he has woken up to.

Dear Society by The Cloudwalker, published by Free Press Publications will be available March 20, 2017. The book can be pre-ordered in paperback directly from Free Press Publications with Bitcoin, or in Kindle format from Amazon. Dear Society will be available from, all major book stores, and directly from Free Press Publications with Bitcoin. A limited number of complimentary copies will be made available to the press for review. The Cloudwalker will be available for interviews to discuss his book, and can be contacted directly via email



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