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Politicians Say the Darnedest Things — 1 Comment

  1. In defense of the lying liars and the lies they tell. If no one cares if our politicans lie, can we blame the politicans?
    The facts about 9/11 and President Obama's lack of a verifiable
    past aside, the powers that be are cleverly exploiting yet another human
    weakness. The old left used to say; “Suppose they gave a war and
    nobody came”? Other than Occupy, how about “Suppose they started numerous
    foreign wars and nobody cared to protest”? The old left also claimed;
    “Why should we die for a politican's lie?”, but this same Left put Obama
    into power and still defends him as he escalates these endless foreign wars.

    The Founders assumed that a free
    press was important because it could lead to a public outcry about these
    sorts of things. Apparently, the Founders have been outsmarted. A few years
    ago, when our own government gave taxpayer money to bail out foreign banks,
    in these bailouts, I actually
    asked a complete stranger what they thought about this. Their response was; “I don't
    care”. So who's to blame? The politicans? Or “We, the People”?