Mississippi Congressman Alan Nunnelee Dies

On February 6, Mississippi Republican Congressman Alan Nunnelee died at the age of 56. Mississippi law requires the Governor to call a special election, and the Governor must choose the date within 60 days after the seat becomes vacant. In the November 2014 election, Congressman Nunnelee was re-elected in the First District, defeating his Democratic(More)… …read more

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No Charges for “Spider-man” Whose Brawl with the NYPD was Caught on Video

New York, New York – Last week, charges against a spider-man street performer who punched an NYPD cop were dropped after the defense argued that his right to a speedy trial was violated.
As we reported last year, a fight between New York police and a Times Square superhero was caught on video, but who is at fault was never determined. The man dressed as Spider-man was 25-year-old Junior Bishop, of Brooklyn. Bishop is one of the many people who make a living dressing up in costumes and taking pictures with tourists for tips in Times Square.
He was facing multiple felony …read more

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Grammy Performers Call Out Police Violence in Several Momentous Acts #HandUpDontShoot

The decades old presentation ceremony honoring musical accomplishments got serious this year as performers used the spotlight to shed light on the police state.
Its a trifecta. #HandUpDontShoot all night long! #Ferguson #Grammys2015 #Grammys pic.twitter.com/vOsp11uhXs
— Chuck_MODI (@POPSspotSports) February 9, 2015

The first performer of the night to address the issue of police killings was Pharrell Williams. Williams and company performed a version of “Happy” which is in stark contrast to the original version. Donning their black hoodies and with “hands up,” performers gave an artful gesture in the wake of so many slain lives.

Another artist in the “black lives matter,” Grammy takeover …read more

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