NEWS RELEASE: The Advocates For Self-Government’s Political Quiz Crosses The 23 Million Mark


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For Immediate Release
March 23, 2016

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Brett Bittner, 770-386-8372


INDIANAPOLIS – More than 23 million people have taken the World’s Smallest Political Quiz online as of mid-March 2016, according to Brett Bittner, Executive Director of The Advocates for Self-Government. The Quiz, a simple-to-take assessment of political tendencies that can be found at, is designed to help people identify where they fit in today’s political spectrum.

“The Quiz consists of ten questions on issues of personal and economic freedom,” says Bittner. “A quick tabulation of the results accurately determines where a person falls on the political map, whether liberal, conservative, libertarian, centrist or authoritarian.”

The Quiz is based on the “Nolan Chart,” which was created by David Nolan in 1969 to look at the political spectrum beyond the “left-right” line. Marshall Fritz, founder of The Advocates for Self-Government, designed the ten-question quiz to accompany the “Nolan Chart” in 1987, thereby allowing people to easily and accurately perform a self-assessment. The Quiz was first posted online in 1995.

“In today’s world of fractured politics and 24-hour punditry, we’re pleased that the World’s Smallest Political Quiz has helped so many people figure out where they fit into the political landscape,” Bittner says. “As quiz takers realize there is more to the political spectrum than the old, tired ‘left-right’ paradigm, they often discover more about their true beliefs and seek out more than sound bites and bumper stickers for solutions to today’s issues.”

Founded in 1985, The Advocates for Self-Government works to bring about a free society by empowering those who love liberty to become highly successful at taking the ideas of individual freedom and responsibility, free markets and peace to the world. Libertarians in many different organizations use products, programs and services from The Advocates to make their own outreach and educational efforts more effective. The Advocates for Self-Government is based in Indianapolis and can be found online at