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Mentioning Case Law is Contemptable?? — 6 Comments

  1. Excellent article and story. Perhaps you can get a copy of the transcript and file a grievance against the judge?

  2. It is all contractual law, that you never agreed to in to first place, there for you should have brought your birth certificate into play, witch is a bankers warehousing note to begin with. Thats certificate indicates a corporations that you never agreed to, but were force into upon birth. I rest my case.

  3. Good approach however it was flawed in many areas. Never make claims only ask questions. When the man in costume, pretending to be an officer was on the stand you should have asked him “if there could be a violation if you were not, in the state.” Then ask “Factually what is a State?” When he does not answer this question have his testimony struck from the record. He is incompetent to be a witness. By the way you can never be in a state as they only exist on paper and not in fact. Peace and remember a ruling is only an opinion you are not obligated to except it. When a black dress wearing psychopath gives you his opinion respectfully decline it and leave.

  4. Congratulations for standing up for Liberty! Her's some tips to make it work:
    FIRST: Do you know about the reasons for always signing with a “Conditional” signature, like UCC 1-308; Without Prejudice, or By;____________, as agent, or; Authorized Representative? This vitiates any adhesion or unrevealed contracts, such as the Motor Vehicle Code, and separates you from the ALL CAPS FICTION created to make you a surety, Pleb, or Surf. As we have left the Republic behind by our ignorance we have allowed ourselves to become “Subject” to Rulers, or Roman Civil law, and the concept of liberty & freedom have been lost.
    You are a Sovereign, but the law wants to treat you as a 14th amendment Subject thru your ignorance. Claim your Sovereignty by knowing who you are, who your Government is, and standing up for yourself where it counts, in Court.
    Follow the links on RoninTruth.blogspot.com for more on this. TeamLaw.Org is good, as is 1215.org too.
    Keep up the good fight for freedom!

  5. Roy, I was not asked to sign the citation, nor was I ever asked to sign anything at the courthouse.
    Had I been asked to sign, I would have written “refuse to sign”.

  6. What a railroad job they did.

    But you were right to take this to court. The whole idea of seat-belt laws is to raise money for government. It cost them far more than $25 to collect the $25. So actually you won.

    But I wonder why you didn't go on to appeal. Lack of time and resources probably…anyhow you showed them that giving *you* a seat-belt ticket will cost *them.*

    Hope you go unbelted in good health.