LewRockwell.com – March 12, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

America Is the Most Hated Country on Earth
Fred Reed on a few of the reasons.
Men vs. Women, Blacks vs. Whites, Gays vs. Straights
The State exacerbates conflict, the better to rule us, says Butler Shaffer.
Which Gang of Criminals Will Rule Us?
Jesse Ventura on elections.
Intellectuals and Race
Thomas Sowell on their ridiculous and false assumptions.
The Next War?
A US invasion of Pakistan could bring down the empire, says Jack Douglas.
Armageddon Ahead
Official lies won’t stop it, says Paul Craig Roberts.
The Vicious Persecution of Bradley Manning
It’s an attack on all dissent, says John Whitehead.
Just What You Thought
The TSA is a totalitarian joke on us, admits an ex-groper. Article by Michael Tennant.
More Federal Lies
About the flu vaccine. Article by David Brownstein, MD.
Protect Your Firearms
From corrosion and government.
To Fight Cancer, Inflammation, and So Much More
Take the wonder herb, tumeric, says Margaret Durst.
Don’t Throw Away That Analog TV
Turn it into a solar-powered death ray.