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Kill the “Patriot Act”: Before It’s Used to Kill Us — 1 Comment

  1. What I do not understand is why Americans are not up in arms and DEMANDING that our government stop this type of behavior?? People in this country are apathetic and this is about their freedom.

    We need to send a message to every elected official – stop abusing our system including tramping on our Constitution. If our elected officials don't start standing up FOR the people – then they're booted out of office. We either vote them out or we impeach them.

    What is happening to our country??? The government that was elected by the people “for the people” is taking away the liberties OF the people!

    I am writing my senators and my attorney general about this issue. How on earth can America have come to this point and how on earth can we just sit back and watch it happen?

    The agency that is supposed to uphold the law … BROKE the law .. and they're getting away with it.