Kansas Court Says Secretary of State Has No Authority to Treat Voters who used the Federal Voter Registration Form Differently


By Richard Winger On January 15, a Kansas state trial court issued an opinion in Belenky v Kobach, Shawnee Co. 2013-cv-1331. The Secretary of State had promulgated a regulation saying that voters who registered to vote in Kansas using the federal voter registration form can only vote for federal office. He set up a dual registration list, one for voters who used the state form, and one for voters who used the federal form.
After the lawsuit was underway, the Secretary of State put the plaintiff-voters in this lawsuit on the roster to vote in all elections, not just federal elections. …read more

Source:: http://ballot-access.org/2016/01/15/kansas-court-says-secretary-of-state-has-no-authority-to-treat-voters-who-used-the-federal-voter-registration-form-differently/