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Indefinite Detention: the Courts, the Congress & the Chicago PD — 2 Comments

  1. The only way this bullshit will be stopped is if the citizens of this country say enough is enough, pick up a rifle, and say that the next fascist bitch who UnConstitutionally attacks an American citizen will be arrested or shot because he resisted a citizen's arrest!
    If 50 armed militia had shown up before those arrests happened, and said no yoou will not illegally take anyone away without a fight, the police would have backed down! They back down EVERY single time when the numb=erical odds are not in their favor!
    With a media that is as corrupt an=s the people it is reporting on, getting publicity concerning their crimes is beginning to lack as much impact as in years past! The citizenry must be informed and made to care about this issue, or our great Republic will be lost to the dictates of Communism! Because that is exactly what we are facing right now in this country!
    In the Spirit of AMERICAN Liberty,

  2. Hardly a cause for celebration. Our “Criminal Justice” system is a joke. When one works within the context of the System to “reform”, it only strengthens it. This is most apparent in our District Court system, where one district judge in a black robe on a throne usually and eventually overrules another judge's “opinion”.This is why alot of this stuff gets kicked up to the SCOTUS, who often refuse to want to hear it. In regards to the NATO bust, it was obviously another poorly concoted plot by the US Police State. To quote a famously dead musician;
    “Everybody's talking about politics; what's going to work and what's not going to work.
    No one realizes- that none it is going to work. That's why we have to throw it all away and start over.”