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Faith & Traditions Against War — 2 Comments

  1. Love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength; love your neighbor as yourself…not much room for murder there.

  2. You are very correct, although there is such a thing as a “justifiable” or “just” war in the eyes of the Lord, none of the current wars we are engaged in fall into that category. I would consider our Founders Revolutionary War to be one because they made every possible attempt to avert it through diplomatic means and only came to arms after they were attacked on their own soil and their lives and libery were at stake. There are those who blindly say because of the attack on the WTC towers that justified our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, but truly that is absurd. Iraq had nothing to do with 911, nor did they pose any threat to our security and I would hope that 10 years later more people would realize that neither did Afghanistan. We have destroyed those people's lives, families and homes based on lies and I too am so at a loss to understand how so called Christians can be okay with this. I guess one just has to wonder if the reason is that they are Christian in name only…