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Defense, DNA and the Death Penalty — 3 Comments

  1. Actually Williams should be immediately released! Killing those who abuse and molest you is perfectly normal, perfectly natural, healthy, and good.

    They were raping him… therefore he had the *right* to kill.

  2. Sadly because of high percentages of attorneys in the state and local leglislators, who apparently do not understand their own basic legal concepts of a civil society, write leglislation to protect unscupulous prosecutors which allows such injustices to occur. The fact that they have created a protection racket for themselves adds even a greater potential for the abuses of the confiscatory elements of govenrment force and collusion. I think that if you went back in history and looked at the quality of society from the welfare of the majority standpoint, you could look at procecutorial and judicary corruption as the primary culprit of most tyranical societies.