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Defending “Stand Your Ground” Laws: Opposing the Provocation of an Attack to “Defend” Yourself — 4 Comments

  1. Zimmerman was also a neighborhood watchman who was simply trying to figure out what Mr. Martin was doing after the neighborhood had fallen victim to multiple crimes in the past years. For this he was brutally attacked. Asking a question does not justify or provoke a violent attack.

  2. The Cops must have evidence that would deny arresting Zimmerman. We have a lot of Hoodies scamming and doing recon in my neighborhood, and I call the cops all the time. They like to knock on doors with a sell scam to see who is at home. And return later. I suggest take their photograph if you open the door and have a pistol in the other hand. Just warn them to never come back. Wait till these is an EMP, and the electric grid goes down and there is no communication. It is a known fact, 90% of Black kids live off of food stamps. Their EBT Food cards will no longer work, Where do you think they will be looking for food. Be prepared folks.

    • Part 2. NBC Nightly News: Ahhh As it turns out, the Kid was suspended from school for 10 days for marijuana possession, then as it turns out the boy attacked Zimmerman, and hit him on the head, and then the kid jumped on him and was beating him, then Zimmerman pulled out his gun and shot him. You see when all the facts come out, there was a reason, the COPS did not file charges against Zimmerman.. BTW/ Yes I caught 2 black hoodies breaking into a house on a school holiday week. I called the cops and when the cops got there, one went to one side of the house where they broke in and I went to the other, where they strolled out of the house laughing, we caught both of the hoodie juveniles who lines their pockets with a woman jewelry they stole. Pay attention to all the facts folks.

  3. Stand your ground means stand your ground. It doesn't mean chase after somebody who's turned their back.”


    Fully agree, the moment Zimmerman decided to pretend he was a cop and pursuit the kid became the moment when self defense turned into hunting. The sad part is that if Martin gets justice it will be tainted because of the big mouths of Obama, Sharpton and recently Santorum.