Edward Snowden’s Talk from Liberty Forum 2016!


snowdennhCredit needs to be given where it’s due: The Free State Project having arranged Edward Snowden to give a (remote) keynote speech at the 2016 Liberty Forum was awesome. If anything, I’m pleased just to know that Edward Snowden knows that the Free State Project in itself exists. But it ended up being a pretty fair keynote speech at that (and apparently, he said at the end–during the applause–that he may consider moving to New Hampshire under “the right conditions”…which I would assume means when New Hampshire declares independence and secedes from the United States…and I’m serious about that).

SIDE NOTE: A personal thank you to Edward Snowden since, if not for his courageous acts, I would have never even started the Dark Android Project, and we may have never discovered just how important and necessary it is for all of us to take privacy and security into our own hands and not trust corporations or government entities with it.

Granted, the conditions surrounding this talk–and some of the talk itself–is not without controversy, not that I’m going to cover that here. That’s a subject I’ll save for Episode 0166 (airing tomorrow) of my anarchist-run tech podcast: Sovryn Tech. But, as I like to make zog.ninja my little hub on the Web, I like to share videos and content here that I consider important, and thus I want to share the Edward Snowden talk from Liberty Forum 2016 with you now. Check it…

Gratitude to Edward Snowden for (remotely) speaking at the event, and I genuinely hope that I get to one day see him in my “home” of New Hampshire.

Carpe lucem!