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College: worth it, or worthless? — 3 Comments

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  2. Some good points. However, it is the college experience that is still cherished and still sought by many. It could range from joining a Fraternity or Sorority or working as an oddball at the campus radio station (hint, hint). Yes, yes, we know liberal arts doesn’t give one occupational training. It is now time for you to re-assess some of your other beliefs…Libertarianism has recently gone down recently in flames. Rand Paul has exited the race at the bottom of the heap, and there’s a very good chance he’ll lose his Kentucky Senate seat which is up for grabs. You’re young, don’t you follow these trends? Nationalism, in the form of Trump has emerged; as has Socialism, in the rise of your neighbor in Vermont. Yes, Anarchy sells, but who’s buying? Why won’t you adapt to the shifting winds of change?

    • I never said that people never had experiences at college they wouldn’t have if they started working straight out of high school; however drunken parties and paying for friends is not a wide investment of time or money.
      Secondly, “Libertarianism” did not go “down recently in flames” with Rand Paul ending his Presidential bid. Rand Paul never claimed to be a libertarian, and in fact has tried to distance himself from the term. Further, just because people support nationalism doesn’t make it a good ideology, and it is only possible to implement through force, which is immoral.
      I will never reject my beliefs and principles simply because I’m in the minority!