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Bread and Circus: Welcome to the Age of Newspeak — 2 Comments

  1. All excellent points. I think it's worth debating whether or not it is time to muster counter-economic, pro-patient networks to address the most pressing pro-cannabis issue — medical marijuana. Patients are suffering and dying without benefit of proper advocacy. While I am for the decriminalization of cannabis and for the reintroduction of hemp into industry, I am profoundly wary of introducing government into the equation.

    The legalization of cannabis almost certainly brings with it taxation, regulation and all the concommittant tyranny associated with government.

    Perhaps it is not just alternative news sources we need but alternative social infrastructure that relies solely on our own networks. I can't imagine being elderly, isolated or living so outside of a culture that values cannabis that I would be denied access to it. I certainly wouldn't want to turn to government.

    Again, while I believe it's very useful on some levels to run and promote liberty candidates, I think, in the end it is just as important to make government quietly obsolete.

    *Gets down off her anarchist soap-box, grinning sheepishly*

  2. Mariana, I support decriminalization of cannabis, hemp and any other substance that someone wishes to put in his body. The FDA needs to be abolished. The IRS needs to be abolished; hell, the entire federal government needs to be abolished!