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Border Adjustment Tax: is a tax on you — 2 Comments

  1. Dude what you wrote is why alot of libertarians went for trump. he wants to bring back manufacturing into the us via the use of tariffs. for example a 20% tariff on goods from china would likely put walmart out of business. no surprise that the Koch brothers (who fund reason magazine) oppose trump’s plans for tariffs. its called protectionism dude! as in protect the us manufacturing economy. also you seem to think that you (or me) benefit when we have global free markets. trump is opposed to global free markets, tpp is already a no no. how do you benefit from free trade? because your bottle of corona is 50 cent cheaper, but theres no manufacturing in the uS.

    • Actually: “Restrictions on foreign trade all too often harm the very people they aim to protect: American consumers and producers. Trade restrictions limit the choices of what Americans can buy; they also drive up the prices of everything from clothing and groceries to the materials manufacturers use to make everyday products. Moreover, lower-income Americans generally bear a disproportionate share of these costs. Trade treaties increase freedom to trade and do not result in loss of sovereignty; they are part and parcel of wider international relations and they are not new.”