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  2. So now even former NSA chief Gen. Michael Hayden is a Libertarian? Hayden has good company of course. Glenn Beck, and Rand Paul just to name a few. Wasn’t Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld Libertarians as well? The Libertarians in New Hampshire need to realize that their ideas are being reviewed and some are co-opted as soon as they post them to the internet. Let us never forget how they did that to your original Tea Party movement as well? Y’all need to get a bit more savvy about things, as there is big, big, big money that can be put behind someone who will copy your ideas in a blink of an eye. Imagine Jeb Bush running in 2016 with all the window dressings borrowed from this website. Think it can’t happen? Yes, you can claim that your ideas were ripped off, but you won’t find a sympathetic voice in the controlled media Suggestion, please get a bit more radical. The Israel Lobby is always open to new ideas to use. As you know, multitude of socialist-communist third parties have been agitating for a Marxist revolution for what now seems to be forever. I think you guys can come up with something even more creative!!! And we don’t need the CIA to lace your marijuana with mind control drugs to make it happen (chuckle, chuckle).

    • “Suggestion, please get a bit more radical.”
      Care to expand on this suggestion?

      “Imagine Jeb Bush running in 2016 with all the window dressings borrowed from this website.”
      I seriously doubt Jeb Bush (or any other candidate in the two party duopoly) would run on a platform of abolishing all coercive forms of taxation, bringing all of the troops home, making all substances as legal as tomatoes, and allowing secession. Though I would certainly like to see the public debate shifted in a direction to where those topics were being seriously discussed on a national level!

  3. Well, the Libertarians could start en masse all ditching the Republican Party. Those with big money have access to the inside tract of “big data”. Then one can outperform opponents by doing something known as “predictive programming”. Example: Wow! what a shocker! look who has just taken the first step to launch a major third political party:
    “Glenn Beck ‘done’ with Republican Party”


    • I have no use for the Republican Party, have never been a member of the Republican Party, and advice my friends and colleagues not to get involved with either the Republican or Democratic Parties.
      I’ve been a member of the Libertarian Party since 1999, and a Life Member since 2008. Is the LP perfect? No, but I don’t know a party that is. That said, I don’t want the conservatives who “lean” libertarian trying to take over the LP.

  4. The LP party (and any third party) needs to accept that our elections are rigged and have been for a long, long time. With that being said, what are the effective counter-measures? Nothing- and I mean nothing really happens in this country without big money behind it. And even then, there is no guarantee. So if you don’t have access to the Federal Reserve printing press who can add extra zeroes to the bank account, what’s one to do? In the Capitalistic system, the big fish always eat the little fish (or at least steal their best ideas). Once they steal your ideas, then you can be ridiculed on talk shows like Steve Colbert. However, there are certain ideas they are forbidden. In other words, if you promote them, they won’t be outright co-opted. Will y’all dare to be different? There’s no doubt the winds of change are favorable to the Libertarian mindset. Best to plan many steps ahead of your competition.

    • “if you promote them, they won’t be outright co-opted. Will y’all dare to be different?”
      Care to explain what you’re referring to?

    • I’ve said before that TSA is security theater.
      I’m now trying to figure out if you’re just an internet troll, a xenophobe, a conspiracy theorist, or all of the above.