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Announcing the Free Patriot Peace Prize — 10 Comments

  1. I nominate Sam Miller (a.k.a. Sam Dodson), a journlaist and founder of the Obscured Truth Network.

    Sam was arrested (13 April 2009) during the arraignment of another freedom activist, Dave Ridley, who was arrested (03 March 2009) for attempting to carry an actively recording video camera into a courtroom, to capture the court proceedings of Andrew Carroll, who was arrested for openly possessing marijuana on (10 January 2009).

    A detailed report of what ocurred can be found here, regarding Dodson's arrest:

  2. Great idea! The video didn't specify that the recipient need be alive but I take it that's the case? I'm thinking about doing a somewhat similar contest but for activism soon – more on that later.

    @Linda – Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs!? They're protectionists! We can do better than that!

  3. I nominate Darryl Parry from Birmingham AL
    He is a real Patriot among the ranks.

  4. Tough choice, although I love and respect Cindy Sheehan, just for tearing into Donald Rumsfeld on September 10, 2001 on the missing 2.3 trillion…I guess it got buried in the next days news…Cynthia McKinney. When she stood up against the IDF for the rights of Palestinians in Gaza, that took some chutzpah. Shalom Cynthia.

  5. Nominations are closed; the following have been nominated:
    Ron Paul
    Cindy Sheehan
    Cynthia McKinney
    Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW)
    Sam Miller (aka Sam Dodson)
    Gary Franchi
    Aaron Russo
    Darryl Perry
    Mohandas Gandhi

    Voting will end at 11:59P Oct 31, 3009 – you may vote for more than 1 person.