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Against legislating morality — 4 Comments

  1. “Should any government legislate or attempt to legislate morality?” , THE ANSWER IS NO! What a waste of time.
    Maybe we could fine each exposed breast 1 to 10 dollars, BUT, the fine would have to be paid by the TOP 1%

  2. I’ve always found the “legislating morality” argument to be kind of silly.

    To legislatively forbid something is to say that it’s wrong.

    To legislatively require something is to say that it’s right.

    If you’re legislating, you’re legislating morality.

    It’s only just a question, as you note, of whose morality you’re legislating.

    The libertarian insight as it relates to legislation is that limiting legislation to prohibitions on the initiation of force — which is itself legislating morality — leaves people free, as they should be, to tussle out the OTHER moral issues for themselves.

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